Belum Ada Capres Ideal

Tahun 2013 adalah tahun politik. Banyak nama-nama calon presiden bermunculan, namun masih didominasi wajah lama.

Bagaimanakah peluang mereka dalam kompetisi capres 2014?

Pusat Data Bersatu sudah melakukan survey terkait hal itu. Untuk membahas hasil survey lebih mendalam, Dialog Prime Time BeritaSatu TV menghadirkan peneliti dari Pusat Data Bersatu, Agus Herta, yang akan memaparkan hasil survey Capres 2014. Hadir pula politisi Golkar Indra Jaya Piliang dan politisi Partai Gerindra Martin Hutabarat.

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Disna Harvens

Dipanggil Boim. Zoon Politikon. "Just because you do not take an interest in politics doesn’t mean politics won’t take an interest in you” - Pericles

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  1. 16th September 2013 | Alejandro says: Reply
    I don't see any harm either short term. But what I am worreid about are the longer terms possibilities. If the results of the meeting the blog posts are wanting in insights, unique points of view or entertaining/enlightening opinion then what meetings like these would result in is attention fatigue and this may lead to the notion that blogs aren't worth reading.Even in the traditional media politicians etc are careful to speak to only the right media for them. They usually call this Tier-1 media. The other media outside this category aren't really interested in them or their issues, or are incapable of transmitting their thoughts properly. That is why many up market brands choose to communicate with Kompas, Tempo, Swa, Bisnis Indonesia etc.There is some selectivity involved. But when it comes to the blogosphere this principle seems to be abandoned for an Utopian egalitarian. When you let a hundred flowers bloom you're likely to get a lot of mediocre flowers and only a few blossoms. There are some good blogs out there, and out of these there are few of them that cater to an audience that is interested in politics or politicians. But there are a lot of other blogs out there which don't matter.To return to the press conference analogy: It's like announcing an innovative supply chain solution and inviting all and sundry, including Gadis, the gossip magazines, Lampu Hijau and the Kaltim Tribune to come cover it.
  2. 14th September 2013 | Svetlana says: Reply
    I did not even know that and I live here. Thanks for this. I am surprised that the proreduces for the election process have not been spelled out in their constitution and it leaves much to the discretion of the current DPR members?

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